Brief: UNESCO has calculated that in the next 30 years more people will receive formal education than in all of human history so far. As an example, by 2020 there will be 50 million new university students worldwide. Thanks to globalization and the spread of new technology, the world is rapidly becoming a connected community with a global conversation. All of our lives are increasingly shaped by the digital revolution, with new worlds of learning just a click away. But new ways of life require new ways to learn. 
Task I: Identify an issue, challenge or opportunity presented by the global scale of education in 2027 — ten years from now. 
Task 2: Design a product, service or campaign to address it. 
Response: The basic objective of globalisation is to enhance productivity and for the educational system to be instrument in preparing students to compete in the world market. From UNESCO's reports, we will have an increasing international labour pool. 
By 2027, advancements in technology will revolutionise educational content, how it is delivered and provide equal distribution. This will allow all students to develop their own cognitive skills, interpersonal sensibilities and cultural sophistication to perform in a global market. 
By putting language at the centre of technology evolutions, education will transform students' view of the world. Improvements in natural language processing, mobile computing, search, data analytics and vision will be the mechanism to create an immersive way to teach languages. 
Virtual Reality will engage students in innovative ways to develop communication skills, cultural understanding and sensitivity. The Virtual Reality language learning coupled with brand involvement will prepare students for the future through a holistic experience. Starting at high school age, students learn through theory while their teachers & mentors track and review their progress. With the help of cognitive Al, all individuals will have tailored experiences, commensurate with their ability and stretching their capability. 
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