Brief: This is a real car. We're genuinely in the process of buying it (hence the delay). It'll live in our building's parking garage. And we want you to make it the most desirable car ever made. You can do or say anything you want, so long as it's creative. 
The only restriction is that the submission must be a single post on Instagram."
Response: A video with accompanying copy to seduce a buyer.
Vauxy 19 year old seeks thrilling ride. 

Location: London (To be specific - Having split from my previous partner, I moved from Luton to London where I have been living in Ogilvy's dungeon of a car park, day in, day out with little or no sunlight, wasting my youth. A vauxy Corsa like me belongs in the lobby, front and centre on a rotating platform, under spotlights)

Category: Open minded car seeking kind man or woman. Open to offers. 

Once in a while someone amazing comes along… and here I am. I am back on the market! A smouldering hot 19 year old, dressed in red with the body her momma gave her. No modifications yet slightly dented in all the right places.

Born in 1997. 19 years is a long time to wait for the one you love. 65,000 miles travelling to find you is nothing. My little 1196cc heart could do the same again. 
I am not a Tesla and you are not a Tesla driver. I am a Corsa, and a "vauxy" one at that. No sleeping at the wheel, expecting me to take you home. Our relationship is built on working together. I am a manual car that requires your gentle manipulation. I don't actually have a radio - it was taken in the settlement. What I do have is a figure hugging seat to hold you closely as we go wherever your heart desires. 
I want you to shower me every week… you can keep your clothes on. Douse and scrub me clean with warm soapy suds. Take tasteful shots of me while I dry off to share with your friends.

Do I sound like the one you want? 
Would you like to see more of me? 
Send me a message to see me flashing my headlights.

Lastly, absolutely no tyre kickers.
I don't like that.
Rose 🌹
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