Brand Design at PUMA works with different entities within the company, one of which is People & Organisation. This year they asked us, "How can we inform everyone we have an Employee Referral Program and increase referrals?" 
I thought to create a series of posters that released one after another, alluding to us being interested in our employee's friends. It's odd enough in the workplace that it gets people talking. 

First, we sweeten our accomplice. 

Then we innocently inquire about their friend. Are they in the market for something new?

Testing the waters, while playing it cool.

As the posters are updated daily, we become more direct.

You really made us say it. Yes, we like them. 

We are nervous, you ask.


In the end, we finish off our search for talent returning to the same colour we began. 

If the friend goes through the interview process and unfortunately doesn't get hired, we innocently ask  "What about your other friend?

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