Every season Puma has a big cat tee, it is an important symbol and representation of the brand. During the Spring/Summer season I designed a vector graphic cat so for this season I opted to use pencil only. I have aimed to create the shared connection in the Puma's expression with an athlete's focus. 
I was approached to produce a graphic for Ferrari's upcoming race with the words "Piedi per terra, e a tessa bassa."
When you are the best team in the league you hold control the outcome.
This is how "Hold the Game for Ransom" printed. 
Logo tees play a huge part in Puma's graphic t-shirt business. I intertwined Puma's name with laces since it has been embedded in sneaker culture since existence. 
The Puma Suede is an iconic shoe in streetwear culture, it's only right it gets its' close ups.
I was briefed on producing a t-shirt that implied thermal heating. As great sneakers are fondly called "heat," I used this to spur the idea of a Puma pair radiating and emitting strong thermal readings. 
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